Services We Offer


At our St. Petersburg clinic, pet diagnostics are the backbone of what we do. Pets hide their pain and illnesses well from us and diagnostics help us gain a better understanding of what is going on inside your pet. There can be many reasons for the signs that we see commonly and tests help us to understand the magnitude of the current problem your pet is facing. Additionally, diagnostics allow us to gain a better understanding of the likelihood of returning to health your pet has with our planned treatments. Our doctor’s are all experienced in the ER world and will offer you diagnostics they think will give the most peace of mind about your pet’s condition with an aim of healing and recovery. If you are in need of pet hospitalization in St. Petersburg, you can expect that great and thorough care will be provided.

    • Diagnostics offered:
    • Bloodwork (CBC, chemistry, electrolytes, coagulation, blood gas, lactate, cortisol, cPL/fPL, 4Dx, Leptospirosis snap , T4)
    • Blood smears
    • Urinalysis
    • X -rays (reviewed by a board-certified radiologist)
    • Ultrasounds (point of care)
    • Fecal analysis
    • Ear cytology

Critical Care

Our experienced emergency doctor’s are well versed in the stabilization of critical pets. We offer oxygen supplementation, blood product transfusion, treatment of snakebites / antivenin, ECG/continuous blood pressure monitoring and more. We are capable of managing toxin exposures, overdoses, heat stroke, wounds and burns and other critical disease states. If we believe your pet would benefit from the advice of a veterinary specialist we will advise you on next steps and help to facilitate that process. Whether it is x-rays, diagnostics or bloodwork for pets, our St. Petersburg based doctors have years of ER experience and will work hard to ensure your pet receives the best treatment and care.


If your pet’s illness requires hospitalization, we offer 24/7 around-the-clock care. Similar to a human hospital stay, your pet will receive personalized medical and nursing care from our skilled veterinary team. Our St. Petersburg pet hospitalization facilities are state-of-the-art, and offer both comfort, and the absolute best care for your pet. This often involves fluid therapy, IV and oral medications and additional diagnostics to ensure our treatments are making the desired improvements to your pet’s health. You will receive a medical update from a doctor twice daily with the progress of your pet. We welcome you to call and receive updates from our dedicated medical team as often as you need. Additionally, we welcome in-person visits at whatever time is convenient for you. *Please note that shift change occurs daily at 7am and 7pm. At this time our doctors and staff dedicate time to discuss and hand-off (round) our current patients’ care to the next medical team.


There is always a veterinarian skilled and proficient with emergent surgical procedures available to help your pet. Examples include: foreign bodies, splenectomies, pyometras, c-sections, urinary stone removal (if primary vet is unable to perform) and more. An experienced nurse will monitor and care for your pet until they are fully recovered. Being a 24/7 pet hospital in St. Petersburg allows us to keep your pet in our capable care until they are ready to heal from home.

End of Life Care

We know how difficult it is to make end of life choices for our pets. Our compassionate veterinarians and team are able to consult on quality of life and assist during this delicate time. Our team prioritizes you and your pets comfort and will do everything possible to provide a peaceful euthanasia experience. If able, please call ahead so we can be prepared for your family’s arrival.

Emergency Care – What We Do Best

If you fear your pet is having an emergency, please call us. We are available 24/7 – 365. We know it can sometimes be difficult to tell if your pet’s current state is an emergency. This is why we offer an array of services including bloodwork, diagnostics, and x-rays in our St. Petersburg pet hospital. Our expert staff is happy to guide you on the next best steps. While calling ahead helps, if you know your pet is experiencing an emergency, focus on safely arriving at our facility. We’ll be there and are always ready for emergency situations.

We collaborate with you and your veterinarian

All diagnostics and treatments are performed in house, with results available during your visit. We work hard to collaborate with your primary veterinarian. Any tests and treatments performed while at our pet hospitalization facility in St. Petersburg will be shared with you and your primary vet, via e-mail, so they may continue to offer excellent care to your pet. Additionally, your records and diagnostics are always available to pet owners through our “Pet Portal”. Please allow 12-24 hours after your Beacon visit to ensure all information is up-to date.